NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

Our Story

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We see you. You are the everyday warrior balancing life and work with the daily activities you love – and all with uncompromised passion and strength. But even the bravest warriors need daily recovery for mind and body in order to keep doing all of the things that they love without compromise.

That’s why we created Maddyn, a line of plant-based protein and natural hemp CBD oil infused products with your daily recovery in mind.

We use only the highest quality plant-based ingredients, including organically farmed hemp from Colorado, with all products independently tested so you can trust you are getting the highest quality and consistency. Whether you are looking to help finding a sense of calmness or focus, bounce back after your daily workout, or promote better rest*, we have a brand and products that you can trust.

The company was founded in April 2019 by Jim Heidenreich and Rolf Sannes – entrepreneurs who share a passion for fitness and an enthusiasm for hemp CBD oil products. Maddyn launched its first products online in the fall of 2019, including hemp CBD infused tinctures, capsules and recovery cream, with plans to expand into our line in the near future.

Maddyn entered the marketplace during a time of significant growth in the hemp CBD category, with many new brands emerging with similar claims as “catch all” solutions. The company’s core mission is to disrupt this status quo by offering higher quality plant-based products that are crafted specifically for recovery, and to bring these products to the public with unmatched education and transparency.

With its Farm to Life Standard of crafting products in small batches using only the highest performing ingredients, consumers will feel better using our products and they can trust how they are made.