NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

Lab Tests

Your Maddyn Lab Report

Conducted by Analytical 360

Maddyn believes in full transparency and provides third party lab results with every product we produce. Our Farm to Life™ process was created to ensure the quality and consistency of our products at every step of the process.  We work closely with our US based farm partners to ensure organic farming practices are used and we ensure that our products are tested multiple times before they arrive in your home. Our customers deserve products of the highest standards and we strive to deliver on that commitment. Every batch Maddyn produces is tested for potency, any toxins, residual solvents and of course THC levels per US regulations at 0.3% or below.

These reports measure the amount of CBD, total Cannabinoids, THC and Terpenes found in our products.  We also measure to ensure non-detectable levels of Mycotoxins and Residual Solvents


What you will find in each report

CBD Potency:  Hemp extracts are composed of CBD and numerous other naturally occurring cannabinoids & terpenes. These compounds are known to work in unison creating what is known as an entourage effect.

Total Cannabinoids:  CBG, CBN, CBC, and hundreds of others. A group   of naturally occurring compounds extracted   from hemp.

Terpene Profile:  Aromatic essential oils that occur naturally in hemp plants.

THC Content:  Ours products contain 0.3% THC or less per USA regulations

Mycotoxin:  The presence of fungi toxin by products that can   cause harm to humans are tested for to ensure that both aflatoxins and ochratoxins are non-  detectable.

Residual Solvents:  Known as volatile organic compounds   (VOCs).  Lab tests ensure levels are non- detectable for these FDA regulated solvents that   can be harmful with human exposure.


Find Lab Tests by product: 300mg Tincture, 600mg Tincture, 750mg Capsules, 600mg Creme