NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

NATURAL MINT-FLAVORED CBD TINCTURE STARTING AT $24.99 | 30-Day Risk Free Trial | Free Shipping

Join our CBD Affiliate Program

Maddyn's affiliate program offers a risk-free opportunity to partner with a premium CBD wellness brand during a time of significant growth for the category. Our plant-based products are mindfully crafted to help active individuals with their daily recovery needs. We use only the highest quality ingredients including organically farmed hemp from Colorado. Plus, all products are independently tested for quality and consistency so you can offer to your family and friends with confidence.

Maddyn's hemp-derived CBD oil products

About Our Affiliate Program

With a 30% commission and 30 referral window, Maddyn’s affiliate program offers exceptional earning potential for our affiliates!

What’s an affiliate program? This is similar to a referral program, but as an affiliate you earn 30% commission for every sale you refer to our site. You can promote Maddyn by advertising performance campaigns to your audience on your blog, website, newsletter, search landing page, etc.

If you'd like to start promoting Maddyn, join our program today! We look forward to working with you.

For any questions regarding our affiliate program, email us at and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

How Does The
Affiliate Program Work?



Open an account with Impact



Apply to our program and we will quickly review your profile.



Share your affiliate link and earn commissions.

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Why Partner with Maddyn?

  • Maddyn is a line of premium plant-based CBD wellness products made with the highest quality ingredients and backed by our 3rd party testing and Farm to Life standard of crafting our products in small batches using the best ingredients.
  • While the CBD industry is experiencing rapid growth, many brands are entering the marketplace with irresponsible claims and a lack of transparency around product potency and ingredients. Maddyn stands out in this category due to its unwavering commitment to product quality, CBD education, and transparency. We have clear disclosures placed on every page of our website regarding product claims and FDA compliance.
  • We have a great product and a wealth of educational materials on our website to help people learn about CBD and feel comfortable when choosing our products. We will provide you with the tools you need to drive them to our website, where they can easily get the information they need to purchase.
  • We have experts who specialize in improving the conversion rates of customers who visit Maddyn’s website. Our goal is to have the highest percentage of the people you send to our website buy our products.
  • The partnership is completely free. You’ll pay nothing to become an affiliate.
  • Maddyn offers one of the highest payouts in the industry: 30%. This means you’ll earn a 30% commission on every product purchased by the people you refer Maddyn.
  • Our cookies last for 30 days. If someone you refer visits our website, their computer receives a tracking cookie. If they purchase anything from our website in the next 30 days, you will earn a 30% commission.
  • We pay out our commissions monthly.
  • We give all of our affiliates access to our third-party tracking software through Impact Radius. This allows you to track your sales and view your commissions at any time.
  • We will give you a selection of high-converting banner ads to use. When people click on one of your banners and make a purchase, you earn 30% commission.
  • We offer discounts to your followers to increase your clicks and purchases.
  • We can work with you to create customized content and promo codes that will best suit your audience in driving them to our website to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply enroll in the program by signing up with Impact Radius. When you are approved, you will receive a special link. When you refer people to using this link, you will be paid 30% of their purchases.


We are looking to partner with people who will be good brand ambassadors for Maddyn’s mission and our products. We are opening to working with a variety of partners that are in line with our standards and objectives.

You must first sign up with Impact Radius. They are the trusted partner we have selected to manage this program, link tracking, and payouts.

Maddyn products can currently be shipped only within the United States. We are willing to work with partners that are based outside of the United States and who promote in other countries as long as the brand is only promoted within the United States.

While we strongly encourage a website or blog for affiliate success, it is not required. If you do not have a website, please use your social media URL (such as your personal Facebook URL, not the general in your application.

Yes, as an Affiliate, you are not required to be exclusive with Maddyn.

To be a good brand ambassador as you promote Maddyn as a premier and trustworthy brand.

You must be 18 years of age to participate in our affiliate program.

We love working with people who have more than one website as it helps extend our reach. You will use the same link provided by Impact Radius across all of your sites.