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Yes, You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

August 13, 2019

Yes, You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

Is it just us, or does the concept of "work-life balance" often seem like a myth? For many, it's usually a struggle to get through a single day without feeling like you've neglected one of the other. For others, the workday is so draining that by the time we get home, it feels like there is nothing left to give. So, how does one get through each day feeling like they gave their all on the job while still spending quality time with friends and family? Check out these simple tips that will have you feeling balanced in no time!

Set Boundaries

At work and at home, it is important that you set personal boundaries when it comes to giving others your time and energy.  It's really easy to over-commit, whether to a work deadline, after-work plans or your child's schedule and doing so can take a toll on your mind and body. You can and should let those around you know when you are too short on time or resources to make a commitment. 

Ask for Help

Too often, we think that asking for help is a sign of weakness when it is actually a sign of strength. If we need help but don't ask for it, we end up overtasked, stressed, and depleted of the time we need to recharge. lf a work project has you feeling overwhelmed, ask your boss or a colleague if there are additional resources available to help you out. f your personal life has you feeling overwhelmed, be honest with your partner or your friends and let them know how they can help. 

Take Care of Yourself

While it may be in your nature to put everyone else first, prioritizing your "self-care" time will help you achieve the balance you are seeking. Your body knows how to send signals to you when it needs some TLC. Do not ignore these signals! Whether it's getting more sleep, getting in daily workouts, or getting weekly massages - find the routines that help your mind and body recharge so you can feel your best every day. 

Look Closely at What You Have

What does "having it all" really mean? It turns out that it's different for everyone. Instead of focusing on how you compare to your colleague, friend or neighbor, take inventory on the wonderful life you have created for yourself and your loved ones. There will always be more to do tomorrow, so step back and be proud of all you have accomplished today. 




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